There are no rules in art
If you could include Bellona with the gods... that would be amazing ^.^

I really want to draw Bellona, but I was planning to draw the greek gods only, so mabye later :D

Oh my gosh I love your horses will you draw Artemis as a horse.... I can't picture her well.. what Idk you think she would look like?

Yes, I am planning to draw the gods as horses so I will draw Artemis as well :)

SCIPIO x BLACKJACK ... Yes that's my ship

Yeah, that ship is great too! :D




The gods as horses please? :) (I know you've gotten a couple asked like this and it's probably annoying so you can ignore this if you want, I just think you're art us really super cool!! Have a nice day/night!!!)

That`s a great idea! Ohhh, its sounds really cool, I might spend some time doing it, but I realy want to! ! And you are not annoying at all. i really appericiate asks like this. Thank you <3

"Incredible", Reyna admitted.
She was still red-eyed from crying. Soon after she`d landed on the Argo II, her pegasus Scipio had collapsed, overwhelmed by poisoned claw marks from a gryphon attack the night before. Reyna had put the horse out of his misery with her golden knife, turning the pegasus into dust that scattered in the sweet-smelling Greek air. Maybe not a bad end for a flying horse, but Reyna had lost a loyal friend.
-House of Hades, Rick Riordan

I made myself sad… 

your Reyna and Nico as horses art are amazing! Will you do more for other characters? :3

Thank you!

I have drawn the seven as horses before here, but I am planning to drawing more “people as horses” :)

have you seen the show Horseland?? because your art reminds me of a lot (-:

No, I have never watched it, but I think I have heard about it! I want to check it out so I can see how the horses are drawn! :D

I love asks like this one c:


Are you going to draw Reyna and Scipio too? :)

Yes! I am actually going to make a little comic thing so I guess it`s going to take a while, but I have some sketches ready and stuff :)

Demigods and their horses 

how did u animate that adventure time drawing i have sai and i cant figure out how to do it. thanks!

I did the drawing in SAI but all my animations are done in Photoshop CS5 :) If you have PS and want to animate, you might find this helpful. When you save your gif (idk if everyone does this but i do) choose “file”—>”save for Web & Devices”—>save :)

What are U laughing at?!

What are U laughing at?!

Adventure Time horse AU!

Kirito and Asuna aand some genderbending hehh